Life Coaching Package - Varies

Life Coaching Package - Varies

Pricing will vary depending on packaging selected. I will send you an intake form for you to fill out so we can schedule a consultation to see if we are a good fit for your coaching experience. 


Mirror Self-Check Package - What do you see?

Are you stuck and don't know which way is up anymore? Are you confused about your career path? Have trouble connecting with yourself or others? Constantly angry or frustrated with life? Depressed or Angered easily? This is the place for you to be guided in a way that serves you best. Lets gain clarity throughout your sessions and help you feel empowered again. 


This is a 1 month coaching package for your mind


Dragonfly Effect Package - Regaining your wings

Where are you spiritually? How comfortable are you within yourself? Do you struggle with finding who you are and where you being? Do you struggle with conflicting thought? Lets gain clarity throughout your sessions and help you feel empowered again and give you access to your strength again. 


This is a 3 month coaching package for your mind and soul.


Godzilla Passion Package - Wiping out the anger

Are you tired of not mainting your goals like you promised yourself? Are you struggling with finind peace within? Do you feel torn or secluded from others? Can't find a personal routine to get you back on track? Need help with accountability?  Lost all hope to maintaining a normal life? Looking to feel empowered again? Then this is the package to wipe out old habits and start fresh on the right track.  


This is a 6 month coaching package for your mind, body and soul.

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