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The Transformation

Let’s talk about transformation. Picture 1 and 2 is from 2014/2015. This was the second time in my life that I was almost 200 pounds. Emotional denial, trying to heal unhealthy traumas, food issues, health issues, mental issues and so much more. As much as I wanted to be ‘normal’ ... I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t happy with where I was. I was confused with what I wanted, who I was supposed to be and how to go about getting there. Things were getting better in my life but my patience was nonexistent. I wanted change right now! Not later. I didn’t want to work for it. I wanted it now. Hence me being stuck. My weight was an emotional toll all by itself. The ovarian cysts and the meds (fertility meds, vitamins, anti depressants) didn’t sit well with me or my body. I played happy on the outside and was lonely and lost on the inside. Finding out I had lupus explained a lot. Learning how to live with it was an adjustment but it gave me hard core life lessons. Learning to listen to my body. Learning to take care of me first. Controlling my emotions and understanding where they are coming from. Finding a tribe of women who helped guide me on my spiritual path. This was the beginning of my transformation. Today is different. Today is better. A whole lot better. I found my peace. I still deal with my lupus but I don’t let it control me or where I’m supposed to be. Understanding my path helped me shed the weight of what I was carrying, literally and physically. I understand my emotions are normal. It’s ok to to cry and release. It’s ok to be me and not care who is judging me for I can only make ME happy. This was something I yearned for. It taught me patience, it taught me self love and self worth. It balanced out my judgement. My food choice shave drastically changed. Who I was 10 hell... even 2 years ago I am not anymore. I became me. Understand that I’ve been where you are. I only speak from the heart. I only want to show you how great life really is once you remove the barriers and embrace the change. It’s not easy and it’s definitely not going to happen over night. But ANYTHING is possible. I’m living proof. I’m here to tell you that you have control. That why I wrote my book. My transformation isn’t just on the inside. You can see a whole new me on the outside. I am my own walking proof that life does get better when you get your mind right and go for what you deserve.