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Is your middle name Procrastination?

By any chance is your middle name Procrastination? 

No? Are you sure about that? Because I feel like that is your main excuse. You don't have time for exercising or eating right or reading a book or getting a coach to help you get out of the slump but you have time for things that don't help you level up like binge drinking, playing games on your phone, relentless fackbooking and more. You say you want change but your actions speak differently. You say your job is your demise but you wont look for something different so you rather sit and suffer. You say your relationship is draining you but you wont leave because your 'comfortable'. You say you're depressed because of your life, yet you refuse to take action and make it better. So are you positive that your middle name is procrastination? 

You say you want to start a business but you wont write any goals. You say you want buy a house but say, "Ill start saving money next month." Next month comes and you say it again. You tell yourself you want to eat better but complain healthy foods are expensive. But in reality they are not. Especially if you have the room to grow your own. AND... in the long run natural foods will cost you less than doctors bills and boxed processed food. You say you want to exercise but you cant afford a gym membership. Yet there are thousands of parks around for free you can use and you can improvise with things in your own home. Once again are you sure your middle name isn't procrastination? Procrastination is a crutch and you sure do walk with it well. How about we take baby steps and get rid of it so you can be referred to as one who succeeded and not the one who never will. Coach Lana Mac #coachlanamac #empowermentofthesoul #empoweringwomen #procrastination #selfcare #selflove #selfreflection #mindset #momentum #motivation #neverstopexploring #victory #clarity #soulful #monday #mood #rewriteyourstory #removingobstacles #thoughts #quest